Job Openings

Job openings position: IVF coordinator
Newlife IVF Greece is looking for an IVF coordinator in order to expand further in Serbia. The ideal candidate should be a Serbian native speaker, fluent in English or in Greek. Previous experience as a professional in the fertility sector would be desirable. The job involves working full time at Newlife IVF Greece, in Thessaloniki, in order to establish effective communication between our clinic and infertile couples throughout their treatment. You will accompany our medical team in Serbia for medical consultations every 1-2 months. Additionally, you will be asked to assist in our marketing campaign in Serbia either by communicating with our marketing agency or make presentations with our scientific team on local TV or radio. Finally, you will collaborate with our IT department in the management of our social media presence in Serbia.
You can email your CV at: [email protected]
Please include a cover letter explaining what makes you an ideal candidate for the above-mentioned position.