Blog - Newlife IVF Clinic Greece our blog to find out news about our clinic and also IVF treatments. Why do many patients from the UK visit us for treatment? Does the IVF Postcode lottery system affect their decision? treatments in many countries are funded by the national health system. In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the body making all recommendations about who should have access to IVF treatment...What is the relationship between uterine abnormalities and infertility? abnormalities can be congenital - something you are born with - or they can develop over time...New methods to select healthy sperm in the lab (IMSI, PICSI, MACS) is estimated that approximately 15% of couples seek help to overcome infertility problems. Male factor is a reason behind one third of couples’ infertility problems. The remaining two thirds seem to be equally distributed between female-related problems and a mixture of unexplained causes and combinations of male and female factors, respectively...Time lapse imaging (embryoscope) in IVF vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the fastest developing fields in medicine. Until today, it has been estimated that over 6 million children have been born as a result of IVF treatments. Despite the technical developments of the last decades, there are still problems associated with the treatments...Fertility Preservation type of procedure used to help keep a person’s ability to have children. Fertility preservation involves freezing and storing sperm or eggs (gametes), ovarian reproductive material or embryos for use in a person’s future fertility treatment...The Psychological Impact of Infertility’s so hard to put words together when describing human emotions, especially when dealing with infertility. Just think about it for a moment. Even if you are here reading this article for the right reasons or out of curiosity or just simply by mistake, take a moment, close your eyes and think...Can acupuncture boost my fertility? has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, for a whole range of illnesses and conditions. The theory behind this treatment is that the acupuncturist stimulates specific points on the body, which reside on channels or meridians, in order to balance the vital energy (Qi) flow through the body...Am I too old to become safely pregnant? of the most frequent questions received by IVF units is that of "Am I too old to become safely pregnant?". This has become even more common, nowadays, as women choose to postpone motherhood for academic or career thriving purposes, which usually leads them towards finding a suitable partner later in life...The Importance of Data Protection & Privacy in the Modern Era at Newlife IVF, we consider the protection and security of personal data a matter of high importance and priority due to the extremely sensitive environment in which we operate...Does IVF increase cancer risk? is a continuing debate since the 1990s regarding the association between infertility, use of assisted reproduction techniques (ART), infertility treatment and cancer, especially gynaecological and breast cancer...Does the IVF postcode lottery system affect the decision of UK patients? treatments in many countries are funded by the national health system. In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is the body making all recommendations about who should have access to IVF treatment on the NHS in England and Wales...First licensed IVF Unit in Greece IVF Greece is committed towards ensuring the provision of high-standard care, excellent statistical results and safety.Greek legislation for HIV seropositive people seeking IVF is all the information you need regarding the Greek legislation for seropositive people seeking IVFCan stress prevent me from getting pregnant? informed about the correlation between stress and infertility problemsDoes being overweight affect Male Fertility? can often be a delicate topic, but it is necessary to address it, as it can have a huge effect on a person’s overall health as well as the capability to reproduce...How can exercise boost my fertility? about the importance of regular physical activity for improving your fertility.How accurate is a pregnancy test? pregnancy test can inform you whether you are pregnant. This blog post provides answers to some of the most common questions about pregnancy tests.Use and misuse of statistics in the IVF sector has been a lot of discussion over the last few years and moreover so recently regarding the accuracy of success rates following IVF treatment, as they are reported by various fertility clinics all over the world. Ten tips to boost your sperm, thousands of couples around the globe face fertility problems, with male factor accounting for over 40% of the cases.Secondary infertility: What you need to know infertility is a term that many women and couples all over the world are familiar with. As the word itself describes, secondary infertility, is practically the inability to conceive or give birth to a child following a previously successful pregnancy. ISO Certification by Certification Body TÜV HELLAS IVF Greece has successfully completed the required controls for the acquisition of the certification based on the accredited quality system EN 15224: 2012, offered by the reputable and internationally recognized Certification Body TÜV HELLAS.Newlife IVF Greece receives the 2018 Patient Service Award by WhatClinic are delighted to announce that our clinic has been awarded the annual WhatClinic Patient Service Award for providing excellent customer services.Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS). Do I need it? is definitely, a tricky question. Many women above 40, and generally couples pursuing treatment, reaching a certain point in their lives, where they start exploring their IVF options, have heard at least once, the scary word of PGS.10 tips to boost your fertility a series of tips that can help you increase your chances of getting pregnant.Are my Eggs Healthy? Improving Egg Quality for Better Success of the most frequent questions we receive from our patients trying to conceive is how can they improve their egg quality. An internet search will indicate many solutions: vitamin supplements, herbal concoctions, new techniques such as ovarian rejuvenation and PRP treatments. But really, do any of these solutions work? What should be the steps followed to improve egg quality?10 things to consider when choosing IVF treatment abroad increasing number of people consider travelling abroad for fertility treatment. The reason for this is the fact that certain types of treatment are not available in their home countries - egg donation for example, long waiting lists or treatment related costs. Anyone who has gone through or is going through IVF treatment is aware that this is emotionally demanding for any affected individual...Experiencing the Fertility Show the Fertility Show as an exhibitor for the first time seemed like a challenging and yet thrilling experience to me. As an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece, I have been generally dealing with patients from all over the world...All You Need To Know About Treatment with Frozen Embryos term frozen embryo transfer (FET) refers to the treatment cycles that are carried out when we already have the embryos cryopreserved and we just focus on preparing the endometrial lining...Why are more people from the UK seeking IVF treatment in Greece? the past couple of years we have encountered an increase in our patient numbers from the UK. The main reasons why people seek treatment abroad are...Azoospermia prevalence of azoospermia is approximately 1% among all men and ranges between 10% and 15% among infertile men...4 ways to boost male fertility is becoming a more common problem amongst the general population and male factor is responsible in over 40% of the cases...How the egg donation process works at Newlife IVF Greece about how egg donation works at Newlife IVF Greece. The whole process can be separated in 6 simple steps.Real time three dimensional ultrasound scans can almost replace diagnostic hysteroscopy is well known from medical studies that conditions which distort the anatomy of the endometrial cavity can reduce pregnancy rates following IVF treatment...How We Choose Egg Donors of the most common questions I have from people interested in egg donation treatment cycles is how we actually recruit donors and also how we choose a specific one for them, as all of our egg donation cycles are run on a one to one basis...Can IVF treatment give us the answers to unexplained infertility cases? was initially developed for the treatment of infertile women with closed fallopian tubes, only to become today the best option for many infertile couples with different problems, who want to maximize their chances of becoming parents.Newlife IVF Brochure out our new brochure...London Fertility Show 2015 – Newlife IVF Greece Invited Lecture clinical director Dr Dimitrios Dovas has been invited to give a lecture in the London Fertility Show 2015I'm Single - Can I Still Have fertility treatment in Greece? women nowadays for various reasons choose to start a family on their own...The Cost of IVF in Greece and the UK Compared cost of IVF treatment varies from clinic to clinic and from country to country. Within Europe, Greece is considered to be a very affordable destination for IVF...Top 5 reasons for coming to Greece for IVF treatment the international patient coordinator at Newlife IVF in Thessaloniki Greece, I receive many emails on a daily basis from people facing problems in having IVF treatment in their own home countries. The main reasons that they seek treatment abroad are...An infographic explaining the process of IVF in a few steps Newlife IVF is an Official Supporter of Infertility Network UK IVF is really pleased to be recognised as an official clinic supporter of Infertility Network UKImportant Facts to Know About Egg Freezing freezing is becoming very popular and in the media there are often news articles about it. It is usually recommended in cases where a woman wants to delay becoming a mother (career, studies or no suitable partner), to preserve her fertility prior to therapies which are detrimental to the ovaries (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and prior to radical gynecological procedures. But do you really know all the facts about egg freezing?Diminished Ovarian Reserve – Is There A Solution? of the most frequent findings in women with infertility problems is a diminished ovarian reserve, hence a low response to treatment and therefore a small number of egg production when stimulation medications are used.5 Factors that may influence the fertility of couples is well known that environmental parameters and lifestyle have a big impact on fertility. 5 factors that have been studied and influence the fertility of couples are...The difference between a blastocyst transfer and a day 3 transfer of the couples I meet and discuss with either prior to a treatment cycle or during one have this question in mind: what is the difference between a blastocyst transfer and a day 3 transfer?When should I Opt for Donor Sperm? an embryologist, I come across this question quite a lot with patients. For some people, it is clear when they need to use donor sperm, but for others it can come as a shock and even a disappointment.New Law regarding the number of embryos transferred in Greece the end of September 2014 the national regulatory body of assisted reproduction in Greece brought out a new Law regarding the number of embryos that can be transferred according to certain parameters (FEK 2589/29-9-2014).Newlife IVF-Greece at the Fertility Show 2014 Clinical Director Dr. Dimitrios Dovas and the Lab Director Ms. Chrysa Karakosta had the opportunity to visit the Fertility Show that was held in London on the 1st and 2nd of November 2014.IVF Complications - Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) of fertility treatments involve the use of drugs to stimulate the ovaries in order to produce more eggs. In some cases the use of these medications may lead to hyperstimulation of the ovaries. OHSS although rare might have devastating consequences on a woman’s health.