Can Yoga Boost My Fertility?

by Monica Lera, last updated 11 Dec 2019,

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Failing to conceive can be a devastating outcome for any woman. Whether it comes after a miscarriage or a series of fruitless attempts, it is heartbreaking to see a pregnancy test illustrating a negative result. But what if you realise that participating in yoga sessions regularly could help you boost fertility? Yoga can strengthen and condition the body in preparation for pregnancy. Here’s how:

Stress Management

Yoga has proven to lower the levels of cortisol during breathing. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress that interferes with the normal functioning of the brain and body. Lower stress levels improve one’s sleeping patterns, enhance relaxation and increase chances of healthy conception.

Hormonal Balances

Hormonal imbalances are brought about by several factors, including medication, emotional stress, physical distress and many others. Some yoga poses restore the tranquillity of the mind, emotional well-being and strengthens your body. Yoga addresses the causes of hormonal imbalance and eventually boosts your fertility.

Increasing Blood Circulation To The Uterus

Due to blockages and chronic illnesses, the uterus and ovaries might not be receiving adequate nutrients to keep up a healthy reproductive system. With sufficient blood circulation throughout the body, the reproductive system easily eliminates toxins and receives nutrients to create a healthy ground for the conception and growth of a fetus. Also, the pigeon pose in yoga strengthens the pelvic muscles and opens up the hips and thighs in preparation to receive and nurture a baby.

Strengthening The Immune System

Yoga meditation and breath control workouts are known to create positive changes in the immune system. These workouts make it possible for an individual to listen to their natural body rhythms and help create a deep sense of connection from within. This way, the body begins to heal in its unique manner, and this boosts the immune system. With a healthy immune system, you are capable of conceiving quickly, stay safe and protect your unborn child. You will also be able to carry the pregnancy to term.

Increasing Chances Of Successful IVF

At times, the only option left to conceive is through in vitro fertilisation. Despite the high success rates of IVF treatment plans, the effectiveness of treatments may be negatively affected if a patient is stressed or suffering from a chronic disease. Yoga helps relieve stress and contain chronic conditions; this keeps you relaxed and healthy. With a peaceful mind and a healthy body, IVF treatment is likely to succeed in getting you pregnant. With yoga workouts and IVF, you increase your chances of getting a child.

Reducing The Side Effects Of Fertility Treatments

While fertility drugs aid in boosting fertility, the stress, doubt and questioning the results are likely to cause an imbalance of the hormones. Also, some of these medications have strong side effects that can put your body and mind under constant pressure. Yoga exercises should offset the load and reduce the negative impact of fertility drugs.

For an individual to reap the fruits of yoga while trying to boost fertility, they need to be consistent in their workouts. Combining yoga and medical treatments will undoubtedly increase the chances of successful conception.

Monica Lera

Monica Lera, BSc

Monica is working as an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece.

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