Egg Donation

We run a successful egg donation program, according to the National Legislation and the European Directives. All egg donor IVF cycles are fresh and each donor is prepared for one recipient. This means that a recipient will have a minimum guaranteed number of eggs (around 8-10). Using fresh eggs maximizes your chances of success.

Approximately, 80-90% of our egg donation patients have surplus good quality embryos to freeze. This means that if a cycle is not successful, a second attempt can be undertaken with the use of frozen embryos at a minimum cost and with a much shorter stay in Greece. Furthermore, freezing surplus embryos will mean that any subsequent frozen embryo transfers may result in a biological sibling.

Initial contact

Once you contact us to enquire about donor egg IVF treatment we will set up a call to either speak via telephone or a Video Call.

First consultation

If you attend in person for your first consultation with us, we will be able to undertake some blood tests and also freeze a semen sample. This visit does not need to last more than a day so you can easily return home the same day if required.

Once we receive your blood groups and photographs we need approximately 2 months to find a suitable donor and then organise your cycle. There are no waiting lists for donors at Newlife. We will start you and your donor’s medications simultaneously.
Egg Donation Couple
Egg Donation Stay

Length of stay

The maximum number of days you need to stay in Greece is approximately 10 days. During that time you will not have to be bed ridden and can enjoy a lovely holiday in magical Greece.

Once egg collection has occurred and ICSI performed, we leave the embryos to develop in the laboratory. We check them at intervals to monitor which ones are growing normally. If a blastocyst transfer is deemed appropriate, then we leave the embryos to develop until day 5 post egg collection. Embryo transfer will occur on day 5 and we will also freeze any surplus good quality embryos at this time. You are then able to travel home.

Post treatment follow up

We will be in touch with you to find out if you are successful or not. We can also answer any questions or concerns you have about how you are feeling.
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