RI Witness

In Vitro Fertilization is a stressful situation for every couple. All patients experience fear and doubts… Will there be a mix-up? Will the child be mine? RI Witness Monitoring System was developed to offer continuous identification and monitoring for each patient. RI Witness is based on RFID technology and follows the samples of each patient during every step of IVF.


At first, each patient is registered and given a unique identification code by the clinic and assigned an ID card. This unique code and card follow each couple and their sperm, eggs and embryos through every procedure in the clinic.

During the egg retrieval or embryotransfer, the patient’s ID Card is read by RI Witness and automatically informs the lab about the ID of the patient in the operation room. At the same time, RI Witness restricts the allocated workarea for the samples of this exact patient in the operation room. All culture dishes and tubes used for each patient’s procedures are assigned with special ID tags. The system automatically monitors every workarea under the microscope and records every procedure performed for every patient.


Before the embryologist performs the fertilization procedure, RI Witness automatically reads the tag on the egg dish and the tag on the sperm tube and confirms that they are a correct match! In the unlikely event of a mismatch, RI Witness will recognize the different patients’ dishes or tubes in the workarea and sound an alarm. The embryologists will not be able to continue their work.

RI Witness also protects cryopreservation. All straws and tubes containing embryos, eggs or sperm are uniquely tagged with each patient’s ID code and a unique barcode. These tags stay on the straws and tubes while they are in the tanks and during the thawing procedure, so monitoring is continuous.

To conclude, RI Witness System, continuously monitors and safeguards all clinical and lab procedures along the IVF journey. Safety, transparency and peace of mind are enhanced for the embryologists and especially for the couples, while additionally minimizing human errors.
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