Psychological Support

Having children constitutes one of the most important parts in a couple’s life. As a result, infertility is a problem that is frequently accompanied by stress and many negative feelings. Psychological counselling helps in the reduction of stress and also promotes the mental health of infertile couples. It is a safe and absolutely confidential process that you may follow as you are going through infertility treatment.

Psychological support for patients attending Newlife

Here at Newlife, we fully understand this psychological burden, so we have organized a Psychological Support Program that can help you deal with it.

This program involves group meetings that take place at the Center’s facilities and are an ideal place to start talking about the problems you may face. One-to-one sessions can also be organised with our collaborating specialist in infertility counselling.

At these meetings, you have the time to communicate and to share on an individual or a group basis your anxieties and the "difficult" feelings you are experiencing. We offer counselling for couples and individuals, support programs as well as comprehensive educational material.

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Psychological Support
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