Our philosophy

Our philosophy in Newlife is that our patient’s needs and wants are our priority. At Newlife, we aim for high-quality care pre and post-treatment. We are committed to offering high success rates and ensuring maximum safety. We are in the frontline of scientific advances in the field of fertility treatments and operate for your own safety according to the European guidelines of Bioethics. Our team will be by your side every step of the way, providing support and suggesting realistic options. As every patient’s problem is unique, so is every treatment plan.
We fully appreciate the difficulties of pursuing fertility treatment abroad. So that is why we have support in place to minimize any concerns or stress you have about the whole process. We aim to make Newlife a home away from home for you at every stage of your journey. Find out more about why others choose us for treatment and about our facilities.
Newlife IVF - Philosophy

Our Values

People First

We place our patients at the heart of everything we do. Their needs are our mandate
and energize us in a joint effort characterized by empathy and compassion.


Our people are the cornerstone of success in what we do. We aspire to create an environment in which our staff flourishes and thrives. Excellence in what we do comes from people who grow and are engaged, and we are committed to the continuous development of our employees.


Our patients are informed on all details at every step of their journey. Our common path is built on trust and honesty concerning treatments, timelines, clinical and lab results.


We have created a comprehensive system of safety for all biological samples we use in our clinic. Thus, we apply a “Witness” system through which we guarantee absolute safety and traceability of genetic material at our laboratory.
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