IVF in Greece

1. High quality

The performance of fertility clinics is constantly assessed and reviewed by an independent regulatory authority to ensure that all patients receive high quality care at all stages of their fertility journey.

2. Legal framework

Very liberal legal framework on fertility treatments. Single women may be offered all types of treatments. Additionally sperm and egg donation are allowed by the Greek law.

3. Cost effectiveness

All treatment types are offered at considerably lower prices compared to the UK. Although costs are lower the quality of care remains at high standards. You can see here what people think about our clinic.

4. Ease of access

Greece is connected to most of the UK airports with daily flights. The duration of the flight is approximately 3 hours.

5. International experience

Consultants and staff with training and work experience in the UK. Greek fertility doctors have a very good reputation for their work and their results. Most of them were trained in the UK and have a professional background of employment in UK clinics. This ensures that they understand the mentality of people from abroad and there is no language barrier during your treatment. Apart from doctors many other members of staff have UK experience like embryologists and fertility nurses.

6. No waiting lists for treatment

You can have treatment when it is more convenient to you without having to join a long waiting list. The same applies to more complicated treatments like egg donation.

7. Individualized approach

Most clinics have international departments that deal with you personally. Here you receive individualized attention by named staff members. This ensures consistency in messaging and continuity of care.

8. Extremely high pregnancy rates

This is due to a combination of individualized treatment plans and use of cutting-edge equipment and lab techniques like blastocyst culture, pre-implantation genetic testing of the embryos and time lapse imaging. Clinic’s stats are reviewed by the National Authority of Human reproduction.

9. Anonymous or Eponymous donation

Donation treatments are performed on either anonymous or eponymous basis (by choice of the donor and the recipient). according to the Greek law.

10. Destination

Last but not least the country itself. Greece is an excellent holiday destination with amazing history. You can combine your treatment with holidays to alleviate all the treatment related stress.

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