Egg Freezing a Gift to Yourself

by Thaleia Chatziantoniou, last updated 02 Dec 2021,

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Egg freezing is a method that helps women preserve their fertility and achieve a pregnancy in the future. This treatment has become feasible due to the new techniques developed in the field of tissue cryopreservation. The unfertilized eggs can be cryopreserved and stored safely so that we ensure that success rates remain unaffected by time. The frozen eggs can be thawed in the future, fertilized with sperm in a laboratory setting and implanted in the uterus once embryos are created. Nowadays, vitrification offers post-thaw survival rates of over 95%.

Why you should choose it?

Egg Freezing might be a possible option for women who are not ready to get pregnant now but wish to preserve their fertility, or for women having radical treatments that may affect their fertility.

1. Egg freezing protects the egg

There are medical treatments that can affect your fertility. Treatments like chemotherapy or radiation might affect your eggs, ovaries, or reproductive system. Egg freezing in these cases can offer women the opportunity to start a family when they are healthy again, and ensure their future family options.

2. Egg freezing can help you succeed your goals

Egg freezing can help women who desire to focus on their professional or academic lives and pursue a career or continue their studies; egg freezing can help them create a family in the future and focus on their current priorities and goals, without worrying about reducing their chances of pregnancy.

3. Egg freezing reduces fertility anxiety

Many women blame themselves for not conceiving or marrying sooner. Egg freezing can relieve them from this pressure and allow them to live their lives with less anxiety and stress about their biological “clock” ticking.

4. Egg freezing offers time to choose the right partner

For some women freezing their oocytes may give them a liberating sense of freedom as they are able to focus on their present, without worrying or wondering about finding “Mr Right” in order to create a family while they are still young. This itself definitely increases the potential of finding and creating a healthy relationship when they feel ready to do so.

5. Egg freezing as a precautionary measure due to family history

If there is a family history of early menopause, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis or other fertility issues, egg freezing at a younger age may be recommended so as to preserve your ability to have a baby later in life.

No matter what the reason and why you are thinking about doing it, freezing your eggs preserves your fertility, giving you a better chance of a healthy pregnancy in the future.

Contact us now for a free medical consultation to discuss if this is a feasible option for you. Remember that the younger the better, as freezing eggs over the age of 40 will not have the same potential or success rates as when freezing them at a younger reproductive age.

Thaleia Chatziantoniou

Thaleia Chatziantoniou, BSc

Thaleia is a Fertility Nurse and an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece.

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