Empathy in the workplace at Newlife IVF-Greece

by Monica Lera, last updated 24 Sep 2021,

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Our commitment to offering high-quality services consists of the fundamental guide for Newlife IVF Greece from the moment we started operating as a clinic.

One of the most important parameters for us is understanding in depth all patients' needs and building a trusting and caring relationship with them.

In the context of our continuous learning and training programs, we completed on the 18th and 19th of September a training seminar regarding "Empathy in the workplace".

The goal of the seminar was to teach us the most effective ways of offering our support to all patients at every stage of their treatment. Respecting their uniqueness, wants and needs in order to accomplish the most effective management of their fertility problems.

Newlife IVF Greece
"By your side, every step of the way"

Monica Lera

Monica Lera, BSc, MSc

Monica is working as an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece.

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