First licensed IVF Unit in Greece

by Anta Aggelopoulou, last updated 07 Jan 2019,

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Travelling abroad for infertility treatment is something more and more people are nowadays seeking for various reasons, including faster time to treatment, lower cost, access to treatments that are not available in their own home country and more personalized treatment care. It is a very emotionally demanding type of treatment, making it a hard choice but many people also wonder if it is also a safe option. How does one know that an IVF unit will offer services that are of a good level and who regulates and verifies ethical and legal issues?

Every IVF unit worldwide must abide by certain rules that are scientific and also legal and differ from country to country. In Greece, the National Authority for Medically Assisted Reproduction, plays the role of the national “watchdog” responsible for regulating the scientific, legal and ethical operation of all IVF clinics. The backbone of the Greek legislation has been based on the British legislation and the stringent work of the HFEA. The National Authority for Medically Assisted Reproduction in Greece issues new updated laws, performs controls, gathers information, holds records for each IVF case and ensures the proper function of all IVF clinics.

In 2016, “Newlife IVF Greece” became the first IVF clinic in Greece ( to obtain a full license to offer full infertility services, including IUI, IVF, ICSI, egg donation and cryopreservation of genetic material. This is only one of the many actions that display the commitment of Newlife IVF Greece towards ensuring the provision of high-standard care, excellent statistical results and safety.

One of the most important parameters in the successful practices of Newlife IVF Greece is the optimal quality management system in place, that ensures the highest possible standards of treatment and care. Through this system, an exceptional level of quality service is guaranteed by following both the National and European laws and guidelines, while safety and disclosure are entrenched through our practices towards all patients. The feedback obtained from patients is analyzed, allowing areas that need improvement, to be identified, developed and finally optimized.

The comprehensive Quality Management Systems that Newlife has been certified for are ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15224:2012.

Anta Aggelopoulou

Anta Aggelopoulou, BSc

Anta is a midwife and an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece.

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