Is your low-cost IVF treatment really low cost?

by Monica Lera, last updated 10 Mar 2022,

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It is true that IVF can have a huge physical, psychological, and financial impact on patients undergoing IVF. The financial aspect is inevitably a decision-determining factor in the clinic research and selection process. Patients go through an evaluation procedure, through which they compare services offered per country/clinic in order to detect the most efficient cost-wise option.

Of course, the most difficult step while searching for an IVF clinic is comparing prices, as each clinic calculates them in a different manner. Transparency is a key factor in the research process. IVF Clinics ought to maintain a transparent, yet competitive, approach without any hidden costs that may cause financial insecurity to patients. Clinics that manage to eliminate the extra stress, caused by the uncertainty of what the final cost of treatment will be, are able to offer patients full control of what they are spending and why they are spending it, and therefore attain the desirable trust and security levels.

Understanding what an IVF treatment includes or should include is vital in the evaluation process and in most cases, given the gap of information attributed to the medical nature of the services offered, is not achieved. Patients are unable to determine differences related to the fertilization techniques, embryo culture, protocol base, embryo monitoring, sperm micro sorting etc. Clinics may offer packages at certain attractive pricing, which at later stages is being increased by hidden “add-ons”. Subsequently, the patient, who is in a very “vulnerable” position after having already invested their time, efforts and hope, may inevitably comply, with certain reservations of course. In retrospect, the patient realizes that the sense of trust has been broken as what has been originally promised was not offered, especially when the treatment outcome is negative.

At Newlife, all patients are informed from the very beginning of all correspondence about the total cost of the treatment cycle and its breakdown points. Conveying a direct, open and unambiguous message towards all patients means investing in the creation of a lifelong relationship with each and every one of them, without focusing on materialistic values, which is one of the key principles Newlife represents.

In the tables below, we present the treatment costs offered at Newlife IVF Greece compared to the average cost of treatment in other European countries.

Starting price of IVF*
Greece UK Spain
3300 6000 4700
Average price of Own Egg treatments if other clinics offered what Newlife includes in the price*
Newlife IVF Greece UK Spain
3500 4500 8000 8500

*Base year 2021

Starting price of Egg donation IVF*
Greece UK Spain
5100 9000 6500
Average price of Donor Egg treatments if other clinics offered what Newlife includes in the price*
Newlife IVF Greece UK Spain
6000 7500 13500 10400

*Base year 2021

Please click here to find more information regarding our treatment costs, and do not hesitate to contact us for more clarifications on the cost of the best treatment type for your case.

Monica Lera

Monica Lera, BSc, MSc

Monica is working as an International Patient Coordinator at Newlife IVF Greece.

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