The Cost of IVF in Greece and the UK Compared

by Newlife IVF Team, last updated 10 Jul 2015,

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The cost of IVF treatment varies from clinic to clinic and from country to country. Within Europe, Greece is considered to be a very affordable destination for IVF...

Certainly if you compare it to the UK, it is definitely cheaper for some types of treatment. Patients who are eligible for NHS funding in the UK only need to worry about the treatment outcomes and not the financial implications. But for others who are ineligible for NHS treatment or who are not pregnant following it, finding good, affordable IVF treatment is very important. The strain of infertility is immense and on top of this there are struggles to find the money to pay for treatment.

Private fertility treatment can be expensive in the UK. For example, we see some private clinics in London offering egg donation treatment starting at over £9000 once all the fees are included. One of the top IVF specialists in the UK, Lord Robert Winston, has openly criticised the cost of treatment in the UK saying that patients are being “ripped off”. There is no doubt that fertility treatment is a specialised field requiring highly trained staff and complex laboratory equipment and so costs do have to reflect this. However, we in Newlife IVF believe that we are just as highly trained as our colleagues in the UK (in fact many of us trained there). Our clinic and treatments are cutting edge and our success rates are high. The difference is that our prices are so much more affordable.

If we compare what’s included in our egg donation treatment costs with that of some private UK clinics there are some stark differences. In our package price of 5500 Euros we include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Recruitment, screening, stimulation and egg collection of the donor.
  • Donor medications
  • All monitoring if done in Greece
  • Sperm freezing if needed as a back up
  • ICSI
  • Blastocyst culture and assisted hatching

In many UK clinics, these are considered extra costs and cost hundreds of pounds.

Why is Greece Cheaper?

Treatment is cheaper in Greece because the cost of living is lower and so our running costs are not as high. It means that we can offer first class treatment at a lower cost.

We know that going abroad for treatment will not appeal to everyone. However, for people who are struggling to find money for another cycle it might be worth considering Greece as a cheaper option. In fact why not consider us? We have treated many UK patients and many of them recommend us to others because of we care about our patients, we have good success and we are very affordable.

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