IVF Complications - Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

by Chrysa Karakosta, last updated 29 Apr 2015,

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Most of fertility treatments involve the use of drugs to stimulate the ovaries in order to produce more eggs. In some cases the use of these medications may lead to hyperstimulation of the ovaries. OHSS although rare might have devastating consequences on a woman’s health.

It is very important prior to any treatment to assess the ovarian reserve of each woman in order to individualize her treatment protocol. This means that women with excessive ovarian reserve (for example women with polycystic ovaries) are at high risk of developing the syndrome, thus they need different protocols, different medications and significantly lower doses of these medications.

Additionally the high survival rate of the embryos in our lab due to the optimal conditions in it, gives us the advantage of using very mild stimulation protocols since we do not need excessive number of eggs to complete successfully the IVF procedure.

We have introduced many years ago in our routine alternative treatment protocols that literally eliminate the risk of developing OHSS.

This means that Newlife meets the current scientific criteria to be called an OHSS free Clinic.

Our goal is not just to help couples achieve a pregnancy but to do that with the less possible health risks to the woman. This leads towards low risk pregnancies and subsequently healthy babies.

Chrysa Karakosta

Chrysa Karakosta, BSc, MSc

Chrysa is the Lab co-Director at Newlife IVF Greece, in Thessaloniki Greece, from the beginning of 2010 and now heads the International Patient Department.

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