Secondary infertility: What you need to know

by Chrysa Karakosta, last updated 10 Jul 2018,

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Secondary infertility is a term that many women and couples all over the world are familiar with. As the word itself describes, secondary infertility, is practically the inability to conceive or give birth to a child following a previously successful implantation.

There are numerous reasons leading to secondary infertility such as the advanced reproductive age of the female partner and the impaired sperm production of the male partner. Nowadays secondary infertility is on the rise especially as women tend to get married or try to conceive at an older age. According to the National UK Survey of Family Growth, more than 1 million couples are troubled with secondary infertility.

Contrary to the common belief, this secondary infertility can be socially suppressing and emotionally draining. Women going through this “condition” are repeatedly asked by their social surroundings: “Why don’t you have a second baby?’’. This is the brightest example of the emotional distress women go through trying to provide the “correct” answer to this question. Infertility is a devastating and heart-breaking situation no matter if one has a child or not. Either primary or secondary, the emotional interpretation of this inability feels like a disappointment of oneself. This burden feels unmanageable and may affect other areas of your life.

Seeking medical advice is very important, as time may play a detrimental role, especially in women that are of an older age. In general, women under 35 trying to conceive for over 1 year, or women over 35 trying to conceive for 6 months and not achieving a pregnancy should start investigating the reasons behind this issue. It is equally important to seek counselling to deal with the emotional side of things. Many couples do go on to achieve a successful pregnancy, while others add to their family through adoption or accept their family size the way it is.

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Chrysa Karakosta

Chrysa Karakosta, BSc, MSc

Chrysa is the Lab co-Director at Newlife IVF Greece, in Thessaloniki Greece, from the beginning of 2010 and now heads the International Patient Department.

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