When should I Opt for Donor Sperm?

by Chrysa Karakosta, last updated 12 May 2015,

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As an embryologist, I come across this question quite a lot with patients. For some people, it is clear when they need to use donor sperm, but for others it can come as a shock and even a disappointment.

When we think about using donor sperm during IVF treatment, we do so for the following reasons:

  • Where every chance of finding mature physiological spermatozoa either in the ejaculate or following testicular biopsy has been excluded.
  • In cases of single women seeking to have a child
  • In cases where the use of husband/partner sperm has been attempted in previous IVF treatment cycles and the result has not been optimum and the sperm sample has been ruled to be the most probable cause.

We can use donor sperm in various infertility treatments: IVF, ICSI or even IUI. The type of treatment that will be used depends on the medical history of the woman. Each technique offers optimum results but which treatment to use depends on your history and what has happened before.

If it is decided by you, the patient, and us that donor sperm offers the best chance of success then we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. And we understand that this can be a difficult decision to make. We have lots of support available to help.

Sperm Donation at Newlife IVF

Sperm donation at Newlife IVF Clinic is an established process. We collaborate mainly with two international and reputable sperm banks, namely Cryos International and Nordic Cryobank. The donor semen samples obtained from these two banks comply both with European and Greek Laws. Each sperm sample has a certificate to verify the good health of the donors. Donors are selected on a case by case basis determined by blood groups and characteristics. All sperm donations in Greece are by law anonymous and therefore other samples from donors of different sperm banks have to comply with these Laws.

We are on hand to answer all your questions and please feel free to contact us if you have any worries.

Chrysa Karakosta

Chrysa Karakosta, BSc, MSc

Chrysa is the Lab co-Director at Newlife IVF Greece, in Thessaloniki Greece, from the beginning of 2010 and now heads the International Patient Department.

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