United Kingdom Anonymous, United Kingdom - An IVF Journey

When you are choosing a clinic abroad you have only have a few things to go on- vague personal recommendations, hundreds of online reviews but the most important one is the relationship you have with the clinic via email & phone. Across the entire time, the communication I have had with Newlife IVF Greece has been amazing. Very clear, no hidden agenda, I have trusted them a lot. When things became a little hazy via email, Chrysa, the International Patient Manager called me on the phone to check in with me. I was very grateful for this. 

They have also been amazing once I had the treatment, checking in with me along the way, reminding me of each stage of the process, wishing me luck etc. It was a real boost and made the whole process as stress free as it possibly could be. 

The clinic itself is extremely professional, clean, and efficient, with great healthcare. 

I would 100% recommend this clinic for other people looking for fertility treatment.  

I am now 13 weeks pregnant and so grateful to Newlife for everything they have done for us!!

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