Ireland Anonymous, Ireland - An IVF Journey

We are a same-sex couple. After several years trying to conceive including four unsuccessful
very expensive IVF cycles with my own eggs, we decided that our best option was to go abroad
and use donor eggs and donor sperm. We spent a long time thoroughly researching clinics in
various countries before deciding that Newlife was the clinic for us.

It’s not that we were treated badly in the UK but we often felt like just another number on a
conveyor belt of patients. Appointments were rushed and sometimes impersonal and there was
little continuity in care in terms of the medical staff we saw at each appointment.

Our first formal contact with the clinic was a Skype appointment where we met Chrysa and Dr
Dovas. We immediately felt that we were dealing with two very knowledgeable professionals
who were passionate about their work and committed to doing their best for their patients. It
was a very informative consultation and all our questions were answered without feeling any
pressure to proceed with treatment. We knew immediately that Newlife was the clinic for us
and felt reassured to know that we would only be dealing with Chrysa and Dr Dovas throughout
the duration of our treatment.

After that all our contact was via email to Chrysa. Any questions or problems were always
answered within a couple of hours, even at weekends. We had the necessary bloods etc.
carried out at home while Chrysa organized the medication which was shipped to us by a UK
pharmacy. The whole process was very straight forward and we never felt on our own at any

Chrysa found us the perfect egg donor that matched the characteristics that we had requested.
We accepted the first donor we were offered but didn’t feel pressurized to do so. We chose
our own sperm donor from a Danish sperm bank.

Three months on from our first Skype consultation we were on our way to Thessaloniki. As
soon as we stepped into the clinic we received a warm welcome from all the staff and
immediately felt at ease and relaxed in the state of the art facilities.

We don’t have a single negative thing to say about our experience at the clinic. Although the
waiting room appeared busy we had a very personal experience and never felt rushed at any
stage. Chrysa coordinated everything. We were kept up to date about the progress of our
embryos and ended up with two top quality embryos to freeze in addition to those that were
transferred. It was obvious that not only were Chrysa and Dr Dovas competent at their jobs and
worked seamlessly together but they also genuinely cared about and went that extra mile for
their patients.

After the embryo transfer we stayed for another four days in Thessaloniki. This was a great
idea and allowed us to really relax and chill out while enjoying the lovely weather in this very
friendly city and helped make the whole process a beautiful experience for us as a couple.

I am now 19 weeks pregnant and still can’t believe we are finally going to be parents. We
already feel so much love for our baby and the fact that we used donor eggs doesn’t get a
second thought at this stage.

Since coming back home we have had ongoing support and reassurance from Chrysa, more so
than we would probably have had from a local clinic. We would definitely recommend Newlife
clinic and their egg donation programme to anyone. It was one of the best decisions we have
ever made and hopefully we will be back again for a sibling in the future.

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