Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for about 8 years, after 3 failed IVF cycles we were told my egg reserves were low and maybe it was time to consider other options such as egg donation.

This was not how I had imagined my journey to motherhood but I knew in my heart my own eggs were fruitless and if I wanted children egg donation would be the path I would need to take. After a lot of soul searching and research I found what turned out to be the most amazing clinic called Newlife. Was it scary yes do you question yourself over and over again yes, going to a foreign country and putting your trust into someone else is scary but I need not have worried so much as it turned out.

Newlife listened to all my concerns and reassured me each step of the way on our journey, they are professional yet friendly, I remember walking into the clinic for the first time scared worrying about language barriers but I had no reason the reception staff, Chrysa and Dimitrios all speak perfect English and were fantastic they have a special talent at putting you at ease by explaining everything. The clinic are passionate about what they do and really care this is not just a business to them they really do want to help, it doesn’t just stop there, once my treatment had finished and it was time to go home I worried that was it their job had been done but I was wrong the clinic continued to support me through my pregnancy on hand to respond to any questions or advice I needed.

During previous cycles of IVF I had undergone through the NHS and private sector the treatment I received from Newlife far exceeded those experiences and in my opinion those clinics could learn a lot from Newlife, I have been impressed from the start and could not recommend them highly enough.

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