The personal experience of M.S. from New Zealand

I always wanted to be a Mum and could not imagine my life without children. Even though I had held many relationships I did not find "The One" so at 38 still single I put myself on a donor list in Auckland New Zealand (this was a two year wait list) at that stage I was determined to use my own eggs.

However due to long term serve endometriosis and my age by the time I got to the top of the list (then 40) my eggs were in decline and I was on the edge of early menopause with Low AMH and high FSH...

So after 7 cycles and no success the clinic pulled me off the donor system as there were other people who could make good use of the limited sperm donors here. This was very sad for me.

I then decided to head up to England with thoughts of adoption - as have citizenship there - however after much investigation and nearly a year in London I realised it was not for me and would not be fair on the child as I would most likely get an older 6or7 year old with friends and connections in England and I did not want to live there or lie to the authorities so to get the child as living in the UK was not for me: too cold and lonely with little friends or family support.

So I researched egg donor/sperm donor = i.e. embryo donor options and found New Life had the best success rate, website, follow-up and English language and it was affordable and offered good follow-up and personalised service.

Also it had long been my dream to go to Greece and well I was not disappointed as used that time to travel around the Greek Islands as well as have the embryo transfer, which worked first time!

Fair to say at each stage of my journey it was not how I had hoped it would be or how my child would come to me... and yet it is all irrelevant now. I am now the Mother to a gorgeous blond blue eyed girl who remarkably looks like me when comparing baby pictures so her growing in me had her evolve to be like me (well also I chose the donors with this in mind).
I can only thank Chrysa, Dimitri, Ruth and the New Life Team from the depths of my heart and soul for the kind, considerate care they took of me to pave the way and transfer and continue to be in contact once I got pregnant.

My Daughter named Hope is now 6 weeks old and I am sooooo glad that I decided to follow this path and to not ever give up on my dream to be a Mum - it is already the best thing I have ever ever done and to any considering this clinic I personally vouch for them and the service you will receive.

Thank You Thankyou thankyou

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