Natalia & Florin, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

Dear Chrysa, Dr Dovas and team,

We are just writing to express our thanks and gratitude for all that you have done for us so far!

We embarked on this journey not knowing how far we can go! You have helped us to go the furthest we ever got in terms of conceiving... so regardless the final results we have achieved a lot! And this is down to your excellent care and guidance for us every step of the way!

I have to say, as you said that I am surprised how well I responded to the treatment and the number of embryos you helped us achieve! If results don't go our way this time we at least have 2 little ones ready for another chance.

Florin is very impressed with everyone's professionalism and the services you offer at the clinic.
As we read other reviews before we chose you we feel the same - you are a fantastic team and make us feel as part of a big family!

We will let you know the results of the test on the 11th!

We hope you continue to help lots of couples for many years to come!

Once again, thank you so much to you and the whole team at Newlife!

With our Kindest Regards,

Natalia & Florin

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