The personal experience of a Couple from Albania

After a bad experience in my country (with a very renowned expert) I was devasted. Together with my husband, we decided to head to Greece. Did some research and decided to go to Athens to two prominent clinics. After the initial consultation with these clinics, we still were at the starting point. We were totally disappointed by the lack of professional care and attention... My last resort was another clinic in Greece, Thessaloniki. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical at the beginning given the very bad experience from Athens. We did a skype consultation with Dr Dovas and he explained in details my options. The conversation was reassuring and gave me hope, again.

After thoroughly discussing with my husband, we decided to go for it. We planned everything and met the team in person. Amazing people, all of them with no exception. Excellent professionals and very caring. I received thorough and prompt answers to all my questions. And what was most important we were not treated as just a number, but treated with professionalism and taken care meticulously. We had our first positive test after the first try at Newlife and hoping everything progresses well. Would like to wholeheartedly thank Dr Dovas, Chrysa and all the team that helped in achieving what we desired. They were not only excellent professionals but very kind and caring people as well whose aim is treating you under the best-individualised protocol. Very glad we made this choice!

Would highly recommend Newlife in Thessaloniki to everyone facing fertility issues.

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