Sandra, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

I really had a good feeling about Newlife IVF - Greece from the very first approach I had with the lovely Chrysa last June.

Her professionalism and kindness were very obvious to me. I immediately felt confident that Newlife were the right people to put my trust and start what was going to be my 7th IVF cycle attempt.

After many years of struggles, after seen many doctors and after flying thousands of miles across few countries it was quite refreshing to find someone I could finally trust.

After exchanging numerous emails, I had a one to one consultation with Dr Dovas and Chrysa.

Both of them were very easy to talk to and I felt that they were actually listening to me. They were very upfront and told me right away what my chances and options were.

Fast forward in September my husband and I paid our first visit to Greece to go through few details and blood tests. Unfortunately, our first frozen transfer in November was unsuccessful.

I was really upset as I had so much hopes this time will work. However, Chrysa and Dr Dovas straight away took the situation in their hands and suggested a list of blood tests to be performed to make sure there wasn't a hidden problem stopping me from getting pregnant. Chrysa was outstanding, she checked on me on a daily basis, she was by my side all the way through. She was a rock to me (she still is to be fair) so supportive, helpful and understanding.

In May this year we had another frozen transfer and to my shock this time worked. I was over the moon when Chrysa called me personally to give me the happy news.

Up to today Chrysa still checks on me, to make sure that I'm still taking the right medications and to follow up on my progress.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer both Chrysa and Dr Dovas my biggest heartfelt thank you possible. Truly beautiful people with a huge passion to help women like me achieving our dreams.

Far superior to any other clinic I've dealt with, very professional, warm and welcoming.

The best clinic and doctors you could ever wish for


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