Catherine & Eddie, USA
- An IVF Journey

I spent over three years undergoing fertility treatment in the United States. Not only were none of the treatments successful, the care I received was subpar and none of the treatment was covered by our insurance. My husband and I spent our life savings on treatment that was not catered to my specific situation. We were ready to give up when I heard that women were going overseas to seek IVF treatment. I researched many different clinics in many different countries and settled on Newlife. Dr Dovas and Chrysa were professional and organized. Dr Dovas answered all of my questions and gave me full explanations for the decisions he made. Once I arrived in Greece, my experience at Newlife could not have been more different than my experience in the United States. Everyone in the office was knowledgeable and compassionate. There were no hidden fees, which was a major relief. It was not an easy decision to fly across the world to seek medical treatment, but it was the best decision we ever made. I became pregnant for the first time with my first embryo transfer at Newlife. We are now the parents of a healthy and vibrant baby girl and we feel so lucky to have found Newlife!

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