The personal experience of Jim and Angela from Australia

My husband and I were actively trying to have a baby. We decided we needed help and contacted a number of fertility clinics. When we contacted Newlife, it felt the most caring and also most professional in answering all our questions. It felt like a perfect fit.

IVF was a scary prospect, but we were willing to try anything.

Chrysa, Dr Dovas and the entire Newlife team were fantastic and very passionate and made our visits as positive as can be.

With our IVF treatment, our fresh cycle resulted in four blastocysts that had been cultured in the laboratory for five days. Two blastocyst was transferred and the other two were frozen. They kept us up to date daily on the embryo development.

On the day of the embryo transfer, we arrived and were made to feel so welcome. Everything that was going to happen was fully explained. Dr Dovas, Chrysa, embryologist and nurses were present during the embryo transfer.

Dr Dovas showed us the tiny dots sitting in my womb. I remember thinking that could be our baby!

When we had to self-inject I had to phone the clinic to double check I was doing it all correctly and as always, they were very helpful.
The most anxious part is the 14 day waiting period, not knowing if you're pregnant.

So the day arrived where we had to do the blood test to determine if I was pregnant. The results came back which confirmed the great news. Soon after that I underwent my first scan (eight weeks scan) and we could see the live embryo and hear the heartbeat. That was amazing news.

I can honestly say I would not be in this position if it wasn't for the whole team at Newlife who did such an amazing job, I am forever grateful. Our advice to anyone who is in a similar situation is to never give up and keep believing. There are clinics like Newlife who are so willing and passionate to help couples live their dream and have a family.

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