The personal experience of a Couple from Germany

If you ever wondered, if it’s right to perform an IVF in a foreign country and join the "medical tourism carousel": Don’t bother! NewLife will be the place to distract your doubts. We went there without much hope to get a baby in our very advanced age. But the staff in the clinic found the right words to give us a feeling that the impossible could happen – without ignoring the realities of biology. We don’t know how they did it but we felt safe and secure in every second of the treatment. That’s number one.

Number two: The treatment package that Dr. Dovas chose for us was perfect. And the team's performance via mail or skype or later in the clinic - in terms of communication AND medicine - was professional and caring at the same time.

The result: My wife is pregnant in the third month. Up to now, everything is fine with our baby. And that’s why we can only recommend NewLife!

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