The personal experience of a Couple from Russia

My husband is a carrier of chromosomal abnormalities. The only solution for having a healthy baby with our own egg and sperm was IVF+PGD. I started looking for a clinic in Europe and discovered Newlife IVF Greece. We got 15 eggs after the stimulation, 12 of them were fertilized, 7 embryos were sent for a PGD testing. After that, we got only one embryo without chromosome abnormalities that was suitable for a transfer. I got pregnant from the first IVF treatment. A healthy baby boy was born on 40 weeks of pregnancy. We really appreciated all the help and support that was offered by Chrysa and all the clinic staff during the IVF procedure and pregnancy. Now, we are lucky parents after 8 years of trying for a baby and 4 miscarriages.

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