The personal experience of Linda and Innes from Scotland

Our IVF journey started with treatment in Scotland and then soon after in Spain. The lack of success with the one embryo transfer and the impersonal way we were treated in Spain put us off doing IVF again for many years. We finally decided that we should consider giving IVF another try. The problem we faced was how to find a clinic that would not only give us the best chance of success but would also treat us as human beings, not just another number.

We trawled the internet looking at different clinics not knowing which were worth considering. Then a friend told us about Newlife. We emailed to arrange a Skype call with Chrysa and Dr Dovas and were then struck by the ease we were able to discuss our wish to have a family. As soon as the call was over we made the decision to have a holiday in Thessaloniki and take up the offer to visit Newlife.

On our arrival at the clinic we were immediately impressed that we were treated so personally and had the undivided attention of Chrysa and Dr Dovas. After we both had a full investigation Dr Dovas was able to tell us that there was a polyp in the uterus that was acting as a natural coil and that without having it removed we would probably be wasting our time doing IVF. However he was also able to calm our emotions by telling us that he was confident that with the polyp removed we would have every chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Chrysa arranged everything for us and few weeks later we returned to Greece to visit Genisis hospital to have the polyp removed. We were delighted when Dr Dovas surprised us by turning up at the hospital to give us moral support as well as observing the successful procedure.

When our first embryo transfer resulted in our first ever chemical pregnancy we were obviously disappointed that the pregnancy had not progressed but Chrysa reassured us that this was positive indication that we could achieve a successful pregnancy in the future. How right she was, our healthy young son is now three weeks old and we are both over the moon with him.

How we wish that we had known about Newlife from the very start of our IVF journey as it would have saved us so much heartache. We have the greatest respect for Dr Dovas. We now consider him the Sherlock Holmes of the IVF world and know that he really enjoys a challenge. The clinic at Newlife is immaculate and all of the staff work seamlessly together in such a friendly manner that it makes the whole IVF process seem so natural and stress free.

As a family we are looking forward to having another holiday in the friendly city by the sea and to visiting Newlife to show off our new little bundle of joy.

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