Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

It is hard to believe our daughter is now 20 months the time has flown by. We would encourage you to choose the New Life clinic in Thessalonica, Greece. It was with some nervousness we booked to go there. I am an NHS employee and have lived and breathed the familiarity and safety of this organisation for years now. To step outside of my comfort zone and into a private clinic, and outside of the UK was very hard for me. When we looked at the statistics there were no option for us, it was this place or never to try again. We had already experienced treatment in the UK but this was an entirely different experience and I could not have felt more cared for. I am sure being this relaxed and not part of a conveyor belt helped!!

The staff are amazing, friendly, English speaking and go the extra mile to help. The clinic is clean, new and comfortable. They kept us informed every step of the way from before we arrived, throughout the treatment and once we got home. We were so very happy and relieved.

We thank God for the experts he bought along to help us and delight in watching our miracle grow each day. You will never regret it. Go for it!

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