The personal experience of Achsah and Sabir from United Kingdom

We were completely heartbroken and disappointed after having the two unsuccessful IVF treatments in the UK. We had given up and did not think about having another IVF treatment for some years. But after some encouragement from our friends we once again started thinking about the IVF treatment in the year 2018.

We started looking for the IVF clinics abroad because having two unsuccessful treatments in the UK we were very disappointed. During our search we contacted some clinics in Spain, Poland, Cypress and Greece. It wasn’t easy for us to decide where to go for the treatment because of the past failed IVF treatments.

In January 2019 we came across Newlife IVF centre through our online search. I read some reviews and stories of the people who had received treatment from Newlife. It built my trust and faith in the Newlife clinic. We sent an email to Newlife Centre and then Chrysa contacted us through the email.

She arranged a video consultation with the Dr Dovas. In this video consultation we discussed with Dr Dovas everything about our past IVF treatments in the UK. He listened to us very carefully and then explained in detail the IVF treatment they were going to offer us. After this video chat with Dr Dovas and Chrysa we felt this is the right team we could trust for our treatment. We felt peace and mental satisfaction. We had no hesitation in making a decision to go to Newlife IVF Centre.

We felt that they were very caring, reassuring and thorough professionals. They answered all of our questions. When we went to the Newlife Clinic we felt like we were welcomed in a family. All the team of the Newlife is very welcoming and caring. When they started the treatment we had the confidence that we are in good hands.

I got pregnant after receiving the first IVF treatment in the Newlife clinic, which is a miracle for us. We had been trying to get pregnant for 15 years and have had two unsuccessful IVF treatments in the UK. Now I am six weeks pregnant. We are grateful to all the team of Newlife IVF Centre that finally our dream of becoming parents have come true after fifteen years.

Dr Dovas, Chrysa and Maroula have been guiding us and providing professional advice, care and support even after the treatment. After the embryo transfer they have been always there guiding us every step of the way during this journey of pregnancy. They answer all the email promptly. They are always there to speak with us on the phone.

We have experienced that they are really serving humanity. It is not just a business for them. They are doing their job with love, compassion and as a service to the emotionally broken families. Therefore we would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for the fertility treatments.

Thank you very much Dr Dovas, Chrysa, Maroula and the whole team of Newlife IVF Centre for everything you have done for us. You are the best team of professionals in the world.

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