The personal experience of a Couple from Montenegro

During the past 10 years, my husband and I have tried four times to start a family using IVF in different clinics in three different countries. During most of the treatments the feeling of being just a number or basically a cash machine was overwhelming. After several failed attempts and very negative experiences we lost hope. Becoming 45, and knowing that after that age we would not want to try anymore, we decided to give it our last try. We researched several clinics in Greece in the area of Thessaloniki. This time we were not going to settle for anything that would not inspire us trust and confidence. We contacted three clinics, and we were surprised to receive a response from New Life in (a matter of) less than an hour!

Since our first contact, we felt the difference in how we were treated in comparison with our previous experiences. Chrysa and her team took the time to listen to our story, problems and concerns in a respectful, understanding and empathic way. Our case was not straight forward and the team made everything possible for us to be able to follow the procedure. During the whole process, direct contact with the clinic is ensured and all your questions and worries are always addressed and responded. I will be ever so grateful for the support given by Maroula who had to endure my nervousness and myriads of questions. She was always there for me when I needed support while transmitting tons of positive energy every time we spoke.

We are now finishing our first trimester and while nothing is certain yet, this has been the most positive experience we have had during the past years. We heartily recommend New Life to any couple in doubt of going ahead with an IVF treatment because of its human approach to the process and the commitment of its staff to make you feel comfortable and secure during this very challenging and nerve racking period of a couple's life.

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