The personal experience of a Couple from Turkey

After searching for a very long time for the IVF and egg donation process in Europe we were planning to travel to Spain and to meet several clinics there. By chance, my husband had a business meeting in Thessaloniki and we decided to combine with a long weekend getaway and also to have a meeting with the clinic in Thessaloniki, the New Life.

When I contacted the New Life via e-mail I got a very detailed answer back in hours. It was not a copy-paste answer, Chrysa was answering all my personal questions. I couldn’t get back in 2-3 days and it was Chrysa again asking if I received her mail and got any other questions in my mind. And hers was the only reply I got with touch of feelings.

On our first day in Thessaloniki we had a meeting with Dr. Dovas and Chrysa for an hour and a half. They listened to us and shared each and every option we got. Dovas examined me and suggested to give a chance for IVF. Since we were coming from abroad it was not possible to have the treatment in New Life. He suggested to share the protocol he would like to try with me and also suggested that my gynecologist could give him a call and discuss further if needed. When we left the clinic with so many information we were confused with my husband. The way they listened, they approached how they spared their time was amazing. We were amazed! Dovas also suggested to examine me before going back (after our weekend holidays). So we met 3 days later again and he shared all his plans for us. After several IVF attempts in our country with the best doctors and best hospitals we didn’t had a such experience before. That was the first time I felt like a patient rather than a customer in a clinic. It was obvious that we were in the land of Hippocrates.

We decided to try IVF with them. I needed to travel several times to Thessaloniki for routine checks and stayed for a week for the last checks. Unfortunately I was all alone due to my husband’s work load. Chrysa arranged the taxi, the daily use hotels; searched different hotels for the long stay. The definitely go for the extra extra mile for their patients.

They took care of me very well each and every time. Whenever I needed to ask anything I could get my answer via phone from any member of the clinic. It is not only Dr. Dovas and Chrysa but all the team are also very helpful and they knew me by name and every detail about my treatment.

We highly recommend the New Life clinic in Thessaloniki. We cannot thank everyone at Newlife enough.

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