The personal experience of Roxana and Wayne from United Kingdom

I met Dr Dovas and Chrysa Karakosta from NewLife IVF Greece in London in autumn of 2019, when my hopes for having a baby were zero, after multiple IVF treatment failures. During the first initial consultation, which was more than one hour long and very thorough, I realised I am in good hands as both Dr Dovas and Chrysa made it clear to me that they put MY interest first and would recommend a treatment that would give ME the highest chance of getting pregnant. This in turn made me feel more confident in him and his team, rather than “here are the treatments we offer…you choose”, which was what I encountered with some clinics.

They explained exactly the process and what my chances were, without sugar-coating it and I liked that as I knew exactly what to expect.
The entire process that followed was so well organised by Maroula Kotsalidou, our co-ordinator at NewLife Greece, who was always responsive, informative and caring:

  • Both my partner and I had many of the required tests done at the clinic in Thessaloniki, where we stayed for a few days, which saved us a lot time and hassle. If we had the same tests in London, we would have spent a lot of time and money on appointments, running around from one clinic to another, from one specialist to another and so on.

  • We were offered advice on accommodation, taxis, places to visit and things to do during our stay in Thessaloniki, just to make our journey more comfortable

  • Maroula kept very close communication with us, sending me the exact schedule for all the steps necessary for the treatment (medication, scans, travel dates, etc).

We briefly interacted with other members of the clinic and they were all friendly, warm and welcoming.

I am now pregnant with twins and I wish I met Dr Dovas, Chrysa, Maroula and the team at NewLife Greece when I first started my IFV treatment journey. Even if this treatment had failed altogether, I could not praise them enough and would not have done it any differently.

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