The personal experience of K & A from United Kingdom

I will start by saying how lucky we are to have found Newlife! I have contacted many clinics abroad at the beginning of our IVF journey...needless to say, none of them offered us the exact treatment we needed and there was a lack of flexibility we have found with other clinics. Our experience was totally the opposite with Newlife. Dr Dovas took the time to research the medical literature about my pre-existing autoimmune condition in the context of IVF. He then has chosen the protocol that has been proven to be the safest for women with my medical condition. I was impressed that this information was available for our initial video call. I felt that Dr Dovas's and Chrysa's focus was to make sure we have a successful outcome that does not compromise my wellbeing short and long-term.
I have found that Newlife was very sensitive and respectful to our specific needs at all times and we have really appreciated their flexibility and provision of our individualised care.
Chrysa has also been wonderful. She is very thorough in her work and always answered our queries very quickly, using an evidenced base which is very important to me as a fellow healthcare professional. She held my hand and stroked my head during the sedation process when I was really scared and in tears. I felt very safe and well cared for by the entire team.
Maroula has also been wonderful, a breath of fresh air with her positivity, bubbly personality and kindness. She always responds to e-mails promptly and communicates very clearly. I felt truly blessed to have her as my midwife during our IVF journey.
Dr Stamkopoulou has completed my monitoring during the egg stimulation phase, also my collection procedure and embryo transfers on two separate occasions. She has been fantastic, very gentle and reassuring. I felt comfortable in her presence and was able to trust her fully, which is important for a good patient-doctor relationship.
The atmosphere at the clinic is always very homely and because the professionals are very friendly and warm, the whole IVF process feels less clinical. The team has also provided us with lots of information about travel around Thessaloniki, best places to eat, local attractions, taxis etc...which has been very useful.
Thanks to Newlife and their fantastic team, I have given birth to a gorgeous little girl. She is a true miracle in every way! I can't even describe how thankful we are to all the team, our dream became a reality after many many years of infertility.

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