The personal experience of Single Woman from United Kingdom

I can't recommend Newlife more strongly or highly enough! I found the care of the whole team exceptional, the communication clear and reliable, and the recommendations for treatment soundly based on research evidence rather than non-essential, expensive 'add-ons'.

I had just about given up on ever becoming a mum, after numerous failed attempts at IVF both in the UK and in Cyprus. These past attempts had been extremely difficult experiences and marked by poor patient care and unsuitable protocols, leaving me seriously wondering if ever trying again was a good idea and struggling to trust a new clinic.

I was recommended Newlife by a member of my family and from the outset felt that this was a team who cared about their patients. Chryssa and Dr Dovas took time to listen to my past IVF experiences, the level of pretreatment checks were above what I had experienced before, and I was able to trust that they were covering all bases to try and ensure that this time my treatment would be successful. Most importantly, I felt that the whole team really cared about the outcome of my treatment.

I was brilliantly supported throughout the process by Maroula, whose cheerful emails and phone calls helped me feel connected to the clinic, so by the time I went for my treatment I felt I knew the team well. The clinic itself was what you would expect from a first-class medical facility. Overall the whole experience prior to treatment left me feeling that together we had done all that could be done in order to help the treatment be successful, and on treatment day I was able to feel relaxed and confident that I was working with a superb team. I am now six months pregnant and am so happy I put my trust in Newlife. I only wish I had found them sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend this team and cannot thank them enough.

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