The personal experience of Shangeetha & Amaran from United Kingdom

Newlife was the ideal clinic for us to start our family.
From our very first consultation with Dr Dovas and Chrysa, we were reassured that we were in extremely safe and caring hands of thorough professionals.

Throughout our entire journey, from when we flew out in late 2020 to freeze sperm and conduct preliminary tests, to the second trip in 2021 for the embryo transfer, each experience was so pleasant and calming despite the enormity of what we were doing.
All midwives and coordinating staff were always attentive and exceptional at replying back with helpful information as we needed.

Although international travel during a pandemic is not the easiest, not once did we feel that Newlife was not worth the effort as their quality of care and professionalism certainly outweighed everything. We are happy to say that we achieved a positive pregnancy outcome which we are forever grateful to our Newlife family for.

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