Couple, USA
- An IVF Journey

My husband and I are pleased to be given the opportunity to write a testimonial for Newlife. When we began our journey, we were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. We knew we wanted to find and IVF clinic in Greece, but had no idea where to look, or how to choose one, so I began with a general search on IVF clinics in Greece. The search returned hundreds of hits, so we just started contacting all the ones that had email addresses and good ratings. Chrysa from Newlife contacted us the next morning and included in her email not only the answer to all my questions, but also all the additional information I never thought to ask about. We promptly set up a Skype call with Dr. Dovas, who was kind and very informative. Before my call, I felt the urgency to have IVF done asap, because I was of advanced age already. Dr. Dovas assured me that, with a donor egg, I could take my time and contact them when we feel ready. This took the pressure off of us, giving us time to thoroughly explore our options and make a sound decision. When we finally made the decision to have our IVF done with Newlife, Chrysa became a valuable contact for us. She emailed me often to check up on me and made sure I was following the protocol leading up to embryo transfer (she even kept in close contact with my Dr. here in the U.S.). In fact, at some point, I forgot to take a very important medication, which almost ruined the process. Chrysa had the insight to email me a couple of days after I was to take it to confirm that I had taken it. When she realized that I had missed it, she called me immediately, even though she was on holiday with her family. She spent a fair bit of time with me on the phone explaining instructions that would put me back on track. She knew what she was doing, obviously, because it all worked out great.

When we finally got to Greece, the staff was more than hospitable. They had coffee and homemade cookies in the lobby. My husband and I were treated with respect and we felt like we had known Chrysa as a good friend for many years. She was extremely informative on our first visit. She even had a folder packed with tourist information on the city and surrounding areas that we could take home with us. Although we had rented a car and found an apartment to rent while we were in Thessaloniki, Chrysa offered a number of hotel options nearby and access to a taxi driver that also gave tours to visitors.

Finally, our actual experience with the clinic and their services was top-notch! We feel this is a world-class facility and we completely trusted all the staff on hand. The equipment was state-of-the art – much better than anything I had experienced in the U.S. They had the ability to explore many more factors that might have affected my ability to become pregnant, for example, the amount of blood flow to my uterus. If my Dr. here had this ability, he never showed me. I felt more safe and confident being in the care of the Newlife staff than I have ever felt in any Dr.’s office in the U.S. or Canada. The best part is that the services are about 1/6 to 1/8 the cost of what we would have paid anywhere in North America. Plus, there are no hidden charges. What they quote is EXACTLY what you pay. In the U.S., where the insurance is private, there are always surprise charges at the end of each visit. You never know what these charges will be until you check out at the end of the visit!! When we went to Greece, we took exactly the amount of money the quoted us and we didn’t need a single euro more, although we were able to withdraw cash from bank machines, if needed. They were also very accommodating with respect to finances. They gave us their banking information, in case we were not able to pay while we were in Greece. That way we could pay upon arrival in the U.S.
The outcome: We had two embryos transferred, and were given 70% chance of becoming pregnant, 15% chance of having twins. We got pregnant! Both embryos made it. One embryo split, so we are having triplets… More than we bargained for, but triple the blessing! Chrysa has been very kind in keeping in touch with me through all this, even though her role is over and she is extremely busy organizing international patients and being a mom. We highly recommend Newlife to anyone who is thinking about doing IVF in the near future.

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