The personal experience of Janey and John from Canada

From our initial consultation, my husband and I both knew that this was the clinic we would be choosing. I had messaged Newlife IVF Greece based on reviews I had found online. I had done so much research and had previous consultations with other clinics that did not leave me confident in what they had to offer. Newlife messaged me back very quickly and a meeting was set up. The meeting consisted of a coordinator, Dr Davos and Chrysa, the embryologist. It was a comprehensive presentation that delivered so much valuable information based on our medical history. There was also the time at the end of the consult for questions. Most of our questions had already been answered in the presentation portion, that is how thorough they are. I cannot begin to explain how excited we were after this meeting. Based on all the information provided, and how honest, professional, capable, and compassionate they were we had decided that this would be the clinic that we would choose. My opinion of Newlife continued to grow once we started the process of a donor egg cycle. Thaleia handled our case on the clinic’s end and always got back to us quickly. There were never any unnecessary delays, issues with communication or unforeseen extra costs or tests. There was an organized plan in place that made sense and was followed. We travelled from Canada to Greece, having some of the testing and treatment done in Canada before making the trip. We spent a total of 15 days in Greece, again the organization and communication from the clinic exceeded all expectations. All the testing and procedures went smoothly. They went above and beyond with scheduling, offering touristy information, helping us book Covid swabs for travel back and having the warmest, friendly, and welcoming disposition. The clinic itself was clean, comfortable, and beautiful. I cannot recommend or praise this clinic enough. Newlife has an extraordinary team and they helped us realize our dream of becoming parents. Twins on board!

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