The personal experience of Single Woman from United Kingdom

My story began in 2017 where I was looking for a ivf clinic I was on a ivf chat room and had lots of people telling me about there clinics one lady said she whent to Athens so I whent on to Google and put it ivf clinic in Greece and new life was the first one I saw and I cud not let It go so I emailed them and it's was the best thing I did in 2019 I had a little girl how changed my life so I decided to go back in my this year and do it all again and I now 6weks and 2 days pregnant with my second baby and its all thanks to the newlife ivf Greece team for giving me the chance. When you want someone so bad and you think I will never get it go to Newlife IVF clinic Greece thay don't tell you false information they tell you like it is and it's not about the money for them it's about giving people a chance that don't discriminate against same-sex couples or single parents and the staff are so nice and keep in touch with u all thay way and I still give them updates on my little girl and she is 3 in July and thay will see this little one to.

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