The personal experience of Single Woman from Canada

I am a single woman. I start my IVF journey a few years ago. Based on my home country's IVF clinic recommendation and the fact that I have a European background I was looking for IVF treatment in the Czech Republic and Greece. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic law forbids IVF treatment for single women. Therefore, I contacted some IVF clinics in Greece and asked some questions suggested by my home country's OB. I also joined IVF Greece Facebook groups. Based on the answers that I received and patient reviews I decided that New Life is the best choice for me. It was proven that I made the right choice, their team is amazingly supportive and professional and the IVF quality is way over much better than what is offered in my home country. They offered my great support during the difficult times of Covid pandemics and with legal procedures for single women. In addition, they choose the best quality embryos and offered more embryos than I expected. I was successful from my 1st try and now I am enjoying my second beautiful and healthy second child. I continue to recommend their clinic everywhere for everyone who is interested in an IVF overseas. I recommend New Life to my naturopath and to my home country IVF clinic doctor who passed the info to patients interested to be treated overseas. Like I mentioned before the quality of their services is way much better than in my home country and the cost is very competitive.

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