The personal experience of Heather and Jeremy from USA

We are so happy we found Newlife IVF in Greece. I am currently 39 years old, we have experienced infertility for 14 years, with three failed pregnancies. I started pursuing IVF in the US and was shocked by the amount it would cost and not to mention the success rate for my age was very low. Most people my age would have to complete it several times for it to work, from what I have read online.

We wanted children, but going broke and in debt was not an option we were willing to take. Not to mention, the Doctor I was seeing was very rude, did not care about my history and had no compassion for my situation. He said, “you are old, and you have no time to wait, you need to do IVF now”. I wasn’t about to peruse it with him. I was trying to find some type of aid that would assist us, but we didn’t qualify for anything. That’s when I found Newlife IVF in Greece. The price was significantly cheaper than the USA, and we have always wanted to go to Greece. So, we said, why not. From the moment we contacted them; it was smooth sailing. They were very understanding and responsive. They laid everything out in detail that needed to be done prior to the procedure, and even told me that it's OK to wait if we wanted to, there is no rush, and my age was not a concern for them. This relieved a lot of stress from us.

We first contacted them around November 2021, and we started the procedure in May 2022. A lot of the testing was completed in the US, to minimize the days spent in Greece. Again, they will tailor what is needed based off your history and your body. Not like the US, where you are treated like cattle, and you are just another banking account about to be drained dry. When we started the procedure in Greece, we stayed for three weeks. This was a personal choice because we didn’t want to risk missing a deadline due to flights and COVID. The team is very nice and accommodating. From the time we first made contact and even after the procedure, they have remained in constant communication with us. Maroula was our Midwife, we really enjoyed working with her. I can’t say enough to express our gratitude to this team. They are very professional and great at what they do. The facility very clean, nice, and efficient. When we arrived for our appointments, there was barely any wait time. We had the embryo transfer on June 8, we are currently 10 weeks pregnant, and the ultrasound looks great. We have one embryo saved for a later use and we will be back. We loved the time spent in Greece, specially in the summer. The beaches are beautiful, everyone is super friendly, there is a lot to see and do. The food is amazing. We highly recommend the end of May right before their tourist season starts as all the vendors are open with no crowds to deal with. We are very happy we choose them.

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