Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

After 10 years of trying to conceive and 4 previous attempts at IVF with clinics in the UK and Greece we were at an all-time low and felt that perhaps we just were not meant to be parents. We visited the fertility show in London in November 2014 to take one last look at clinics, before deciding whether to give up on our quest to be parents and move on with our lives. It was at this visit that we met Ruth Pellow who recommended Newlife to us. We had severe sperm quality issues and Ruth felt that Newlife would be the best clinic for us to work with…. She was not wrong.

We completed all the documentation and decided to give things one last go, if this didn’t work then we would have to seriously consider giving up. We set up a Skype consultation with Dr Dovas and Chrysa and ran through all our questions with them. They were so kind and completely honest with us about our chances, and agreed with our UK urologist that with high sperm DNA fragmentation, a TESE procedure would be our best shot. We agreed to try again around Easter and set up the treatment protocol.

The communication between us and the clinic was fantastic and if I ever had any questions (which I frequently did) I would just email over to Chrysa and get a response almost immediately. We flew out to Thessaloniki for 8 days and the TESE procedure was carried out the day after we arrived. The clinic is fantastic, clean and very modern, much better than any of the other clinics (and some hotels) we have visited. The staff are really friendly, they cannot do enough for you and all speak great English. Chrysa is just fantastic, she even organised tourist information for us and introduced us to a taxi driver who runs tourist visits to archaeological sites like Pella and Vergina.

We got daily updates from Chrysa as to how our embryos were developing, this was particularly important to me between days 3 and 5 when our embryos had previously started to fail and I was very anxious. By day 5 we were thrilled to find out we had 6 excellent grade blastocysts, something we had never managed before. Prior to transfer Chrysa went through the quality and grading system for the embryos and produced a pack for us with photographs of them. We agreed to transfer two and 11 days later I was thrilled to find out that for the first time ever, I was pregnant.

Since our positive test result, the after care has been fantastic and Chrysa has stayed in touch offering help and advice. It is early days for us and we are praying that this is finally our time but so far so good and I was over the moon to find out this week that we are expecting twins!

I would not hesitate in recommending Newlife to anyone thinking about fertility treatment. Their whole approach is very personally tailored to the individual, something I had not experienced in UK clinics and the costs are much more affordable. It meant so much to us to finally have a clinic that understood what we had been through, and still believed we had a chance when many others had given up on us.

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