The personal experience of a Couple from USA

Newlife IVF has changed our lives. Just six weeks ago our son was born—something we had given up hope on years ago.

We decided to undertake fertility treatments at Newlife thanks to the recommendation of a friend. At that point, we had spent a year (a few years ago) doing IVF in the United States—which was costly and extraordinarily stressful – with no success at all. After that, we gave up hope of conceiving a child and spent two years in both an infant adoption program and in a foster-to-adopt program. It became increasingly clear that these processes would take years—and we grew more and more doubtful they would even work.

We have longtime connections to Greece, professional and personal, and so in the Summer of 2021 we traveled to Thessaloniki from another European country where my husband is from. While it was clear I (the mom/ birthing person of the couple) would never become pregnant with my own eggs, the prognosis was good otherwise, and we opted for the package with five guaranteed top quality blastocysts made with donor eggs.

In November of 2021, I traveled to Thessaloniki for my first embryo transfer which resulted in a pregnancy immediately. Unfortunately, this pregnancy did not progress past week nine. Just five months later, however, I undertook the second transfer, and this embryo has now resulted in our beautiful boy. We cannot believe he is our baby—and that I gestated him and birthed him.

That is our story.

Newlife IVF are masters of all the technical aspects of fertility science. But they also treat patients with empathy, professionalism, and respect. When I was undertaking IVF in the US a few years ago, communication was the most stressful and difficult aspect of an already difficult process. Different providers would reply to my questions with sometimes conflicting information—always in an unwieldy and difficult-to-manage electronic portal—and it always took a long time to receive clarifications. At Newlife, someone always responds thoroughly and carefully via email or, if necessary, by phone. They come to know you personally. Katerina was in charge of coordinating our care, but we had significant contact with various staff who were incredibly professional and kind. Knowing that communication would always be swift and dependable greatly minimized my stress and I could focus on the treatment. They were also absolutely clear, realistic, and encouraging regarding the treatments I was undertaking. When I lost the first pregnancy we spoke with Chrysa and Dr. Dovas and developed a clear, feasible plan to move forward. I trusted that they always had my best interests at the forefront.

Finally, traveling to Thessaloniki is surprisingly doable, for those who might be concerned about that aspect. It is a wonderful city, very easy to navigate and relatively inexpensive. We traveled there the first time as a couple and then owing to work schedules I traveled on my own the second two times for the embryo transfers. In short, it would be possible to initiate and carry out much of the donor-egg process from abroad with two in-person trips.

We cannot thank the staff at Newlife IVF enough—and we recommend them with our utmost enthusiasm.

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