The personal experience of a Couple from United Kingdom

Don’t lose hope to get pregnant with your own eggs even after 40! The odds were against us. I was 41 with very low ovarian reserve, low egg quality and endometriosis. My husband had oligozoospermia and a high sperm DNA fragmentation rate. But NewLife helped us to believe in a miracle, and it did happen 1 year later!

Of course, nothing comes easily in IVF, and we had a lot of emotional ups and downs to battle with. We did five stimulation cycles. The latest IVF technology available at the clinic was used (ICSI, Zymot). Only in the last cycle, we managed to get 1 blastocyst which was PGT tested and was a normal embryo. This 1 very precious embryo was our chance. After a frozen transfer, it implanted successfully (‘Embryo glue’ was used, too), and the pregnancy was ongoing and healthy after our first scan.

We cannot thank enough all the amazing doctors and embryologists whom we totally trusted from day one. We never felt like a patient number; we were always given specific and experienced answers which made our trust grow and that’s why changing clinic never crossed our minds. This is a big star team which we are so lucky to have chosen and we would recommend NewLife without any doubt. Special thanks go of course to our two closest contacts during this journey. Dr. Dovas, who is there every step of the way with professionalism but also very approachable and sensitive to our needs, and lovely Dora, our patient coordinator, who always responds to our questions promptly and clearly, and is so nice and warm over the phone, reassuring us during our efforts. ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΜΕ!!

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