The personal experience of Sarantos and Carolina from Canada

We are an older couple that had been trying to conceive naturally but without any success. My wife, at age 46, and myself, at age 52, were looking at what options were available to us. We started doing some research on IVF treatments. Then, through an acquaintance, we learned of a couple that had travelled to Greece for successful IVF treatment. They had a very positive experience, so we decided to research this option further.
We soon discovered that although there are many IVF clinics in Greece, there was one doctor and his clinic that seemed to stand out: Newlife IVF in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Dimitrios Dovas has an excellent reputation, and he is an expert in the field of infertility. We had already consulted with a doctor back home in Canada and done some preliminary tests, but the quality of service did not match the superb service we received under Dr. Dovas's care. Not only is he highly knowledgeable and very competent, but he is also really good at explaining everything that needs to be considered for an attempt at successful treatment. When our initial tests to determine if my wife was able to conceive with her own eggs came back negative, he took the time to show us and explain why. He had a clear understanding of the situation and recommended to us the next best course of action which was to use a donor egg. Our decision to agree had a lot to do with the confidence we felt under his care.
That is when our real journey began, when after an initial trip to Greece in February of 2023 we returned in June of 2023 to perform the embryo transfer. It wasn't long after that we learned that it was a success, much to our delight.
The other important factor we need to emphasize is the quality of service from Dr. Dovas's support staff. They are an excellent team of dedicated people that helped us with everything. They do such a great job at communicating to you all that you need to know and when you need to know it. Having to travel halfway across the globe twice in the span of six months for medical treatment isn't an easy undertaking but the doctor and his team made it all worth it.
We are expecting a baby boy in early spring!
Thank you so much Newlife IVF team.

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