The personal experience of a Couple from Canada

We have no words to describe how grateful we are for the wonderful care and assistance we received at Newlife Clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece. We chose to try again with Newlife Clinic, nervous but hopeful after two failed IVF rounds in Canada. Thanks to the amazing team at Newlife, we are thrilled to announce today that we are expecting our first child.

We were made to feel at ease and supported from the moment we met with Dr. Dovas and Chrysa Karakosta. We felt comfortable and certain that we were in good hands because of Dr. Dovas's knowledge and friendly demeanour. No matter how little the issue, he and the whole medical staff answered our inquiries and took care of it. It was clear how committed and professional they were.

Our patient coordinator, Dora Chariton, deserves special recognition. Dora was a rock of support for us; she was understanding and always willing to respond to our questions. Her understanding and compassion towards us had a big impact on our path. Every step of the way, we felt taken care of and heard.

The staff at Newlife Clinic turned what could have been an intimidating and traumatic procedure into one that was upbeat and hopeful. Their commitment and concern have enabled us to fulfil our dream of becoming parents, and for that, we will always be grateful. We wholeheartedly endorse Newlife Clinic if you're thinking about doing IVF therapy. They really are exceptional.

We appreciate everything that Newlife Clinic, Dr. Dovas, Chrysa, and Dora Chariton have done for us. We will always be appreciative.

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