Single Woman, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

I recently returned from the NewLife clinic in Thessaloniki Greece.
This started as a daunting experience, naturally. I was undergoing treatment by myself and travelling from the UK. I have never done anything like this before.

From the very outset I felt heard and understood by this clinic. They focused on me as an individual and I never ever felt like a number or a statistic. I felt already known to them at the time of my first consultation as they had reviewed everything about me and they explained the proposed treatment plan to me in thorough detail. I trusted this and went along with it having never had anything like this before in my life. They kept in touch with me from the start and I never felt alone. I'd started my treatment in London and then flew to Greece. Even though this really wasn't on my mind I ended up having a holiday! Thessaloniki is an absolutely beautiful city. The IVF coordinator was as much a tour guide for me as anything else. She recommended wonderful hotels which made access to the IVF unit easy and quick as well as trips, sights to see places to eat etc.

I stayed in a beautiful hotel on the seafront with a 20 minute commute. I spent my time in between clinic visit sightseeing exploring all the history of the city and even managed to take a few day trips to various beaches. I didn't really want to feel like I was on holiday since this was such a serious business but the clinic really encouraged me to do so and I'm so appreciative of this looking back!

The staff is exceptional. The knowledge and commitment to everybody with a warmth friendliness and welcoming attitude puts anybody at ease. I genuinely believe they care for each and every patient as individuals and nobody would have any doubt putting their faith with this clinic and specialists working there. The protocols are meticulous. The clinic is pristine, new, and easily accessible, with modern state-of-the-art equipment.

The staff will always be available to you no matter what your question might be, or how trivial your questions might seem.

I couldn't fault this clinic in any way at all. Language is no barrier whatsoever. Everybody speaks fluent English and the main clinicians there have worked and trained in London for years.
You will be completely and totally looked after and will feel that your best outcome is their intention from start to finish no matter what.

I would recommend New Life wholeheartedly to absolutely anybody seeking any form of fertility treatment irrespective of their condition, the previous experiences and number of attempts and most definitely wherever you may be situated in the world.

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