Couple, United Kingdom
- An IVF Journey

I must start our testimony by stating that choosing Newlife, Greece, was one of the best decisions we have ever made. I would recommend them without any hesitation all. I just wish we had known about them at the start of long and painful journey.

Our infertility journey started 8 years ago, when following the usual barrage of tests we were very lucky that our first IVF cycle was successful. We are blessed to have our little boy, who is 4 and a half, although really sadly he was born with a severe medical condition that has left him severely physically and learning disabled. Although we love him more than anything in the world, we still grieve for the life that he should have had and the life that indeed we always dreamt we would have. For the last 3 and a half years we have been so desperately trying to complete our family, and a healthy brother or sister for our amazing boy would be more than a dream come true. After completing 2 fresh cycles and 3 failed frozen cycles in 2 top London Clinics (and sadly after 4 pregnancy losses), we decided that we would try another cycle with donor eggs. We researched this area very carefully indeed and there was no doubt in our minds that going abroad was the best option. Financially, after our many IVF attempts, having a donor cycle here in the UK would have almost been impossible for us.

Newlife, Greece, had wonderful reviews and after contacting the clinic and hearing back straight away from Chrysa, I instantly had very good vibes and I knew we had found our clinic. From the very start of the process, Chrysa answered all our questions and kept me fully informed. There was nothing I felt I couldn’t ask her. They found us a donor very quickly, which was slightly harder for them due to my blood group.

Our treatment plan was very clear and Chrysa made sure at every stage that I knew what I was doing. She kept me fully informed about our donor too. We had a bit of a dilemma about my GP refusing to administer an injection at the last minute, but Chrysa talked my husband through the process and we managed! From egg collection, we got daily updates about the fertilization process and about how our embryos were doing.

Normally the thought of travelling alone abroad would have filled me with utter dread, but I just knew I would be well looked after thanks to Chrysa and her reassurance and careful planning. I was not wrong. They organized their taxi driver to pick me up at the airport and all transfers to and from the clinic were organized. They recommended a wonderful hotel that offer special Newlife rates, and this was only a few minutes drive from the clinic.

The clinic is really modern, clean and has a lovely atmosphere. When I met Chrysa I honestly felt I was meeting a friend and I could feel her warmth and compassion. I feel quite emotional writing this! The whole team were lovely, and nothing short of that. Dr Dimitrios performed the smoothest embryo transfer I have ever had (my uterus is very retroverted so in the past some of my transfers have been very tricky). The team were so reassuring and I honestly can’t think of anything that could have made the process go more smoothly.

We are so happy that so far our joy continues as I am pregnant. It is very early days, and we await our 6 week scan, but the fact this little bean has stuck and has made it this far is amazing.

I think Newlife really is a very special clinic. Compared to my UK experiences, having IVF with them has been so much more informed, relaxed, organized and ‘special’. I can’t thank them enough for having the ability to turn such a wretched process into an experience I will always look back on so fondly. Chrysa is a star and her reassurance throughout the process made a real difference.

We are praying that this little bean sticks for us in a healthy way. We have 3 frostys…so the best thing we could EVER ask for is than in a couple of years we will return to the wonderful team so that our little soldier has not 1 but 2 siblings!!!! J

Thank you Newlife! We will be back, but not for a while yet!!!! XXX

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