The personal experience of a Couple from Albania

We were trying to have a baby for about 3 years and in our country we had not found the exact reasons why we couldn’t conceive. In fact it was after several months of research and a bit of chance that we got in contact with the New Life Clinic.

Immediately after my first email, they contacted me and offered a free Skype call in which we started to know each other and they explained to us the steps to be followed. After that, by only a few and simple tests we already knew the reason of our infertility.

We were a bit shocked, because we did not expect it and the last thing that had gone through our mind till that time, was an IVF cycle. But Chrysa and Dr. Dovas, explained the good options that were available and encouraged us. Then we decided to start our cycle but the decision was not an easy one.

When I was traveling to the clinic from home, I was stressed out and ready to cry at any time, but as soon as we entered at New Life, their welcome, the smiling faces of everyone and the relaxing atmosphere changed my feelings.

The cycle was about 2 weeks long and went very good. We enjoyed our time at Thessaloniki, like a proper and real vacation. We went swimming, travelling, enjoying the Greek cuisine end everything else. I had a complete different perception for the cycle, because I had read a lot through internet and everywhere else, but nothing was as I expected. I would advise everyone not to read as much, just to listen to your doctor, because everyone has his own specific case and chance. For me everything was much easier and went through without any complication. They supported us during every step of our cycle with all the necessary information, clarifications and help.

When we were back home, we were already missing them, because during those days they were like the closest friends to us. We want to express our gratitude to everyone at the clinic but especially to the magnificent Chrysa, Dr. Dovas, Dr. Pantelis and Mrs Afroditi, who are great professionals and fantastic persons.

We succeeded with the first time and now I am pregnant which is still difficult for us to believe. And even if their job has finished now, they still continue to support us with any question or concern that we might have.

We thank God and everyone at the clinic for making our dream come true and we recommend this clinic without any hesitation to any other couple.

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