Couple, Australia
- An IVF Journey

After going through 8 unsuccessful rounds of IVF, with good egg collections and high rates of embryos but for unexplained reasons none of these resulted in a sustained pregnancy, we were looking for other options. We had read about women having similar experiences who then decided to try an egg donor and succeeded in become pregnant. At the age of 45 and not wanting to keep going on the same path with no results we knew we knew it was now or never. We decided to look at clinics in Greece because we had heard of many positive experiences in the overall care and treatment of patients, their high success rates and anonymous egg donors. As we were travelling all the way from Australia choosing a clinic was a very difficult decision that took a lot of research and discussion. We could not have made a better decision than choosing the clinic NewLife in Thessonaloniki. Although we nervous to fly so far, we new from our first appointment that we made the right decision. Chrysa Karakosta and Dr Dimitrios Dovas were immediately welcoming, they were up to date with our medical history and very forthcoming in answering any questions we had. We knew we were with a team that would do their utmost to help us achieve our goal. The clinic itself is a first rate modern medical facility and everyone from the desk staff to the medical team are extremely professional and friendly and they kept us informed at every step along the way. We stayed in Thessaloniki to attend the clinic for our first blood test and were overjoyed to have a positive result and are now excited to be 13 weeks pregnant with twins. This also meant that all our ongoing medications could be arranged before we left for home. Choosing NewLife put us in northern Greece, area that we were unfamiliar with, however we can highly recommend Thessaloniki. For the purpose of our trip it was perfect, not as overwhelming as Athens and easy to get around. We booked a one bedroom apartment in town close to the waterfront, convenient to shops and restaurants and made the most of relaxing and enjoying our stay. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of clinic, location and the excellent outcome.

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